Aztec Leo Carlos

Aztec Leo Carlos


We know the boys like to play dress-ups too... so we have made started making some tops just for the guys, and we called this the Carlos.

The Carlos is a loose fit, sleeves hoodie t-shirt that is a perfect addition for your party wardrobe. If you don't like the hood, let us know and we can make it without!

Like all our fabrics...The print is designed exclusively by our team and you will only find it as part of our collection. The neon print will ensure that you stand out from the crowd and can be seen under the lights of the night time dance floor!

Its super easy to wear, and amazingly comfortable to jump and boogie around in. The 4 -way stretch lycra is high quality and once you put it on, you wont want to take it off. it dries super quickly and is very cool even in the hot summer days on the dance floor.

Please note, the print is designed with neon ink for the super bright effect. This means that the fabric is light sensitive and is less colourfast than normal inks, so needs to be hand washed and dried in the shade to ensure longevity of awesomeness!

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